Important Information

Please, read through the instructions thoroughly before booking. If, in spite of this, you have questions, either write an email or call us.

For cyclists:
Many try to book their accommodations providently but unfortunately, we cannot take reservations for one night (in the high season, you have to book at least for seven days). In case we have free bungalows at your arrival, we let them out for you. You can enquire about this over the phone.

We do NOT accept Dogs in the Camping area!


We do NOT accept holiday voucher, Széchenyi Recreation/Rest Card or anything else that can substitute money.
Paying with credit card is NOT possible.

Check-in: From 2 p.m.
Check-out: Till 10 a.m.


When is it worth booking my accommodation?
If you are 100% sure, when you would like to come.

Do I have to book my accommodation?
Yes, you do, because if you do not, it may occur that we do not have free bungalows at all and we cannot provide accommodation for you. We are often fully booked in the high season.

Why can I not book my accommodation for one night?
Because there are many people who would like to come for more nights. If we verify your reservation for one night, no free bungalows will be at disposal of those who would want to book a bungalow for 7 nights a few hours later, which is also a deficit for us. In case you call us right before you arrival, we can tell you surely if we will have free bungalows.

Why can I not book my accommodation for less than 7 nights in the high season?
Because the majority of our guests come to our holiday resort for more than a week and we would like to provide for them the chance of staying here for at least 7 nights.

Can I have a certain bungalow chosen by me?
Yes, you can, if it is free at the preferred time.

Can I modify my reservation?
Yes, you can, but we ask you to do it as soon as possible because you have more chance to modify your reservation in this case.

Can I get the time of my stay extended, if I have already arrived and would like to stay longer?
Yes, you can, if someone else has not booked your bungalow right after you. If the bungalow has been booked, you can choose another one but in that case, you have to move to the new, available bungalow.

Can I cancel my reservation anytime?
Free cancellation:

In case cancellation or modification happens 30 days before your arrival, the reservation fee will not be charged up to you. If you cancel or modify after the deadline, or if you do not come, the whole fee of your reservation will be charged up to you.


Do I have to pay deposit?
You do not have to pay deposit. You have to pay at reception after you have arrived, based on the current rate.

How can I pay for my accommodation?
You have to pay for your accommodation in cash at reception after you have arrived. The whole price has to be paid. We do not take payment by credit card, holiday voucher…

Do I have to pay for 4 persons in the case of one bungalow if I come alone?
If you come alone in the early and late season, you have to pay the price for two persons, in the high season for 3-4 persons!  Every bungalow is set for 4 individuals; it is not worth letting them out for the price of one person, therefore you have to pay for at least 2-3 persons. In addition, a lot of guests come in the high season, consequently there are only few vacant bungalows (and that is why you have to pay for at least 3 persons). We recommend that you bring someone with you.

Why do I have to pay +20% additional charge for only one night?
Because we have outgoings coming from cleaning the bungalows (ca. 10€/bungalow) and the bed linen (ca. 10€/bungalow for 4 persons). The price does not include other outgoings, e.g.: use of water and electricity… Therefore it is not worth letting a bungalow out for less.


I am already spending my holiday at your place but the weather is horrible therefore I will go home. Can I get back the remaining part of the money I paid?

I am still home, it has been raining for days. Is it raining in Gyenesdiás?
Luckily, Gyenesdiás is surrounded by Keszthely Mountains, which divert thunderstorms coming from the north. It is typical of the summer weather that it rains in Keszthely and Vonyarcvashegy many times, but there is no rain in Gyenesdiás (it is also true one way around). Normally, if the weather is bad, it lasts for one or two days, then the sun shines again.


You can never know for sure when you have an accident, illness or anything else because of which you cannot book your accommodation or you are forced to get home sooner.
That is why we recommend that you take out travel insurance, which covers these expenses of yours.

We do not accommodate those who:

The most important to know:
We maintain the right to select who will be our guests.

Who would like to party aloud, they can do it outside the holiday resort.

We are a family-friendly holiday resort. Those, who cannot keep the rules, have to leave the place.