Gyenesdiás is located 100 kilometers away from the western border of Hungary in the region of West Balaton, by the foot of Keszthely Mountains. It has a population of 3300 who offer various opportunities to their guests longing for active recreation. Gyenesdiás is situated right next to the city of culture, Keszthely and 6 kilometers from Hévíz, which is famous for its thermal baths. What is absolutely beautiful in Gyenesdiás is the junction of Lake Balaton and the landscape full of hills in the middle of the village. The play beach of Diás is the most beautiful beach of the neighborhood, which got the title of ‘the most beautiful beach of Lake Balaton’ in 2010 and 2011. Restaurants, buffets, paddle-boat – and rowing boat hire, huge slide, beach volleyball court, night lights are at disposal of guests on the beach. In addition, soccer pitch, table tennis, street ball, water volleyball (the first by Balaton) and well-kept turf etc… ake the beach even more attractive. The partly - shaded parking lot right before the beach can be used free of charge. Amateur sports people can try out soccer, table tennis or beach volleyball. Animators help the guests of the beach to spend their summer vacation actively and amused. Different programs are offered to kids, too: painting sheets, making dolls, origami, sandcastle building, etc…


Keszthely having a population of 20000 is often called the capital of Balaton, which title the city has rightfully deserved because of its rich tradition and various beautiful buildings. The city offers a lot of opportunities to those who are interested in culture, for instance: Festetics Castle, Balaton museum, Georgikon Manor Museum, etc…


The water surface of Lake Héviz is 2 hectares, which makes the lake the second biggest of the world. The temperature of it reaches 35-36 degrees Celsius in summer and it does not go under 30 degrees in winter. It has 80 million liters of warm water; springs gush out of the depth of 1000 meters through craters. In winter, guests can go out from the wooden bathing houses to have a swim in the lake without catching a cold. Besides, they can make use of every form of hydrotherapy.